When you have an internship either abroad or not, it is important to use it as a unique opportunity to get experience, broaden your knowledge, get some perspective, meet new people, and build a career. This is what we call a successful internship opportunity. If you are wondering what makes a good internship – you are in the right place. We have gathered useful tips and pieces of information in order to give you an ultimate intern advice!

If you are wondering  what you should do to get the best experience during your internship in Ireland, you are lucky to be here. Here are some tips how to make your internship abroad unforgettable.

Believe it or not, internship abroad has all chances to become not only one of the brightest experiences in your life but also a great opportunity to really contribute to your career development! One thing that you need to do is to make a right decision, which country should be your internship destination and in what kind of company you see yourself bringing value to community.

One of the greatest countries to have international internship or study in is Ireland. Ask why?

  • Ireland does offer the highest quality education, which, as we all know, is an investment for life
  • It is the only English speaking country in the European zone
  • Ireland is absolutely globally connected and has headquarters of the top successful companies with outstanding performance
  • The country attracts internationals with safe and welcoming environment
  • Students have an opportunity to work part time while studying

These reasons are not the only ones, which attract internationals. The country grabs our attention with its accepting culture and vibrant lifestyle, making us come there and experience the special country’s character ourselves.

ireland lifestyle is a good fit for newcomer interns

So what is the secret to having the best internship time abroad? Or… How to get most out of your internship in Ireland?

Get In The Business!

No, it really does not mean that you need to start a business there. What it does mean is to get to know about your company’s daily activities,  what its goals are, and what supervisors expect from you. When you have a paid international internship, supervisors will make sure you will get as busy as possible because they are paying you. Yet, when students are interns voluntarily, supervisors sometimes tend to let everything go by itself. They can still hand you lots of things to help them with, but as soon as you have done those, they will let you do nothing. Therefore, get yourself busy and ask for more tasks to help with!

Ask For A Feedback

Do not hesitate to ask for a feedback; it is you big moment to get to know about your strengths and weaknesses and later either improve or keep up with a good work. It will also help you to know whether you are on track with your responsibilities and measure approximately your future in the company. Use your internship in Ireland as a preparatory course for a full-time job. 

An intern laughs at a joke made by a team member

Of course, it sounds like fun doing nothing there, just sitting and relaxing, checking newsfeed on Facebook or watching funny compilations on YouTube. Yet, this is not the way how you get most out of your internship in Ireland.

This is the moment when you get all serious and try to absorb new information and skills like a sponge! Because if not during the internship abroad,where else would you get a real experience in international environment among other professionals? Either those are communication skills, public speaking, negotiation practice, or professional program/system introduction, join the group of people who organize that or go there.

How to be a good intern? Easy!

Be involved in discussions!

Take an active part in projects!

Put an extra effort!

Deliver the results on time!

Get appreciation and respect afterwards!

An intern noting tips on how to get most from business opportunities in Ireland

Such high effort will definitely pay off in future. Even though you may change your specialization later, by practicing such things during the internship in Ireland you get yourself disciplined and ready for full time job you will take care of responsibly.

Spend Quality Time!

One of the good tips for a successful internship is to manage your time efficiently and with use.  If your internship placement offers for you an opportunity to attend language courses for free, you should definitely do it. Many companies see their people as an investment and they are eager to spend extra money to improve your qualification and help you to pick up new things. Either it is a conference for Web Design Lovers or Business Development workshop, this is your chance to get some new information and skills.

An intern working together with full-time coworkers

Communicate With Locals!

Working as an intern does not mean to sit in the office all the tim! Getting into deep conversation with locals is not only fun and exciting but also educative. Meeting new people is extremely important during internship abroad. You get to know about local culture and traditions, their perceptions of certain things and perspectives on different aspects of life. You can totally agree or disagree with them, but this is what communication is all about: to get to know what others are thinking and to get that little bit of a new vision.

In result, you may come back home with new beliefs and perspectives and even pick up new or drop old habits. Living abroad is a priceless experience, which definitely impacts everyone’s life.

Get Out Of The Box!

Even though you may like your new Irish apartment, it is not the reason to stay there forever. You are in a different country, so try to be exposed to as many new things as possible. Go to that small restaurant and eat traditional Irish food, visit a dance class, attend an event in the city center, go hiking with your new friends, or even travel to the neighbor cities. Ireland has so much to offer for you and its nature is absolutely gorgeous. Do not spend your whole free time in the office either; internship abroad is not only about getting a professional experience but also about exploring and adventure!

All you need is to  pack your backpack, make a plan of your journey, and begin it!

Came for internship, exploring Ireland's nature

Build Relationships During Your Internship Period

Another advice for interns is to build great relationships with people you meet during your internship. If you think ahead, you will definitely need to have good international connections from different parts of the world. It is not only having that friends from your internship experience but also being able to discuss the same industry you both are in. You can exchange experience, thoughts, and perspectives, which may help you to solve the problems and grasp new opportunities.

Bunguo Team hopes that you have the best internship experience! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

What is your advice to make most out of internship in Ireland? Comment below!

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