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Merve's Story - Erasmus Internship in Ireland

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Merve Ceren and I am originally from Turkey. The main reason why I chose Ireland to do my internship is because I wanted to improve my English language skills. I realised that even if you are attending the best English classes, it is still very important to learn the language with native speakers. I thought that if I go to Ireland, there would be not so many people from Turkey but people who speak English, which would help me to focus on practicing the language better. Before coming to Ireland I decided to contact Bunguo; the process did not take a lot of time and I was suggested a great position of intern at Dublin College of Advanced Studies. When you think of getting a chance to go abroad and dedicate yourself to career development, is sounds pretty stressful. Yet, thanks to Bunguo, it was without any stress. Talking about the internship placement, I do like it. Many people are unforgettable and amazing; they take care of me and are helpful. Sometimes I feel like I have known all of them forever. I am very happy to be here!

What Was You First Impression Of Ireland? Irish nature has contributed a lot to my first impression of Ireland; you can see beautiful scenery almost everywhere.. .many green areas and high cliffs. I would totally recommend visiting Phoenix Park, which is considered to be the second largest urban park in the world! If you lucky, you can see some bears there. Another spot, which I loved, is Cliffs of Moher. It has beautiful color of green and blue and looks stunning. Another point, this country’s people are amazing! My first impression of locals was that they are absolutely friendly and eager to help. I had a chance to experience their kindness as I was helped by two persons in my first day in a new city. It was the first day of my internship and I needed to make a way to the company's building. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy a new SIM Card in Ireland, so I did not have an internet connection to check the maps. I knew where the building was, but because I was new to the city I lost the way. I decided to go there by bus but before I needed to get a right direction to go. The man on the bus station described me where I should go but it was still hard for me to understand. Suddenly, the bus arrived and he said to get on it. The driver drove only me right to my building and I could not believe this. The cities of Ireland differ by their specialty. For example, Killarney is like a museum city; if you visit it, you should definitely walk around! You can see old houses all around, which makes you to dig in Irish history deeper. Even though, I did not have much travelling experience in Ireland so far, I would recommend to do wherever you have a chance to, so you could find you special places.

What Are You Irish Food Or Drinks Recommendations? I heard that potatoes take a big place in Irish cuisine, so I would recommend it to be tasted first. Yet, besides Irish traditional food places, you can also find other different cuisines like Chinese, Korean, Asian, Mexican or even Turkish. Ireland has a great choice of places to eat, so you can actually try new different things every week. What Thing From Ireland Would You Bring Back Home As A Souvenir? While I was looking through the stuff of various souvenir stores, I wanted to buy all of them! The souvenirs in a gift sector could be presented as kitchen supplies or even personal things. I would bring a nice Irish spoon rest and a mug to my place. As Ireland is very famous with its shamrock, which illustrates "Irish Luck", I would definitely bring some key chain or USB with shamrock for my friends.

What Would You Recommend Other Students Before Coming To Ireland? As such companies like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and others were sure to locate their headquarters in Ireland, I would recommend to have no doubt about coming here because it is a great choice! and...climate in Ireland is pretty tricky, so I would recommend to bring some sweaters and umbrella, even if you are coming here in summer.

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