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My Irish Internship Success Story: Bilge Kaçmaz

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Hi, I am Bilge from Turkey. Currently,  I am doing internship in Grafton College as a Marketing Trainee in Ireland.

“To be honest, when I was looking for an internship, London was my first option. Yet, because I, as a Turkish citizen, had to have EU Passport, could not go there and life has brought me to Ireland. I was looking for a place where I could learn English well, and this is when I decided to come to Ireland. ”

It was a pretty easy step to find the internship placement where I work now thanks to Bunguo. Firstly I found a page on Facebook when I was looking for an internship in Ireland. I have met with Burcu, founder of Bunguo, and she always helped me with every step in my internship process. Burcu was the one who found a company for my internship. Before I came here I was feeling anxious, so I wanted to know all of details about my internship and accommodation. Burcu was helpful and always explained everything in details, which made me feel very comfortable after. When I arrived there I realised that everything was great and the same as Burcu was telling me. Now, I am about to finish my internship and I am so happy to be here.

What Is Your First Impression Of Ireland And Its Culture?

My first impression of Ireland was amazing -  everything is green as far as the eye can see and I admire their houses as well. I also liked Irish people because they are calm and reliable. In my first week I was trying to get used to this city and locals always helped me in every situation. For example, I got in the bus but I had no idea that I had to have coins to pay for a ride. In That moment I had only banknote and the driver said that it is okay, I can get in a bus, and there was no need to pay. I think something like this make me happy.  You are new in the city, you have no idea about some rules,  and every person there tries to help you because they understand that it takes time to learn and get used to it.

What Are 5 Spots You Would Recommend To Visit During The First Week In Ireland?

It is easy to say because there are so many beautiful places to visit here: 

Botanical Garden: I am lucky to have it very close to my home that is why every weekend I can go for  a walk or get breakfast there. 

Phoenix Park is another place where I liked spending my time. It is the biggest park in Europe; if you want to see all of it, you will probably spend there like 3 days.

Stephen Green Park looks brilliant and is located in the city center. 

Trinity College is a special place as you may recognise a part of it in  some of the scenes  of Harry Potter, which were filmed in  Trinity Library. In addition, it has a huge reading room for studying. Reading books in the same place where Harry Potter was filmed feels kind of motivational.

Temple Bar: I think I should have written the first, haha. Every Friday and Saturday you cannot step in there. There is a lot of people for taking pictures or drinking there. It is so alive!  If you want to get slack (you will learn what does it mean when you come here) you should go to Temple Bar.

What Thing From Ireland Would You Bring Back Home As A Souvenir?

Irish luck, definitely. I wish I could bring back home some Irish luck. It would be great. Of course, I will buy a lot of souvenirs because my family and my friends expect a lot of things from here :)  In addition, I will take some chocolate and snacks.

What Advice Would You Give For Those Who Plan On Coming To Ireland For Internship?

Don’t worry about anything and just come here! Ireland is a great place to have internship experience.

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