Hello dear reader! If you are thinking of moving to or working abroad and you stopped your choice on Ireland, this article will assure you made a right decision. Ireland is a beautiful country to live, and there are also the five reasons why you should work in Ireland.

Safe and Friendly Environment

The first reason why Ireland is attractive for internationals is the country’s friendly and safe environment.  This aspect happens to play a significant role when an individual is considering the state to live or work in. You must agree that you would better recognize the country where people are friendly to you, which would make your stay abroad so much better.

Communicating with locals is a part of your experience when you work in Ireland. It may boost your mood every day but also demotivate you to come to work or even go outside for groceries. Some countries happen to not like internationals and even be rude to them in public. Irish people are well known for their welcoming and friendly attitude. They are generally kind, polite and willing to help individuals who welcome internationals in their country. Bunguo’s interns have described Irish people as amazing individuals in their stories.

Working environment in Ireland is friendly

It is also easy to become friends with them if you are a nice person; they would be willing to give you a tour around and meet you for a beer in a local bar. Internationals who come for a job in Ireland will notice great hospitality from locals. Also, comparing to other countries, crime rates in Ireland are very low, which means you will not see police officers walking around the city with guns.

European Headquarters of Multinational Companies

Another aspect, which happens to attract internationals so much, is the fact that Ireland has many European Headquarters of Multinational Companies. It is not that hard to find work in Ireland for foreigners as the companies are in need of people who speak different languages. Therefore, if you come to work in Ireland, you will have a bunch of great companies to choose . Google, EA, Boston Scientific, Facebook, Microsoft, and Intel are just the ones whose name everybody knows. There are many others where there are a lot of career opportunities you can be a great fit for. It is not just an excellent chance to get an attractive salary but also a unique opportunity to meet specialists from all over the world. International company is a great place to work because you meet new people, share your experience and knowledge with others, and can exchange skills as well. Working in Ireland will give you a unique chance to be closer to a thriving environment where you have a full potential to grow!

A lot of international companies are located in Ireland, offering job opportunists to expats.

Many of the companies also provide free access to various workshops, conferences, and meetups, where you can grow both professionally and individually. You can acquire new skills and learn another language; this is a place where you see yourself growing!

English Language

Another reason why you should come to work in Ireland is a possibility to improve your English language skills. Perhaps, you may ask yourself how to work in Ireland if you do not know the Gaelic language.  The majority of the population in Ireland speaks English as their first language, which makes the country a perfect environment to learn the language. Also, if you get a job in Ireland, you will work in English speaking environment. All the tasks, conversations, and meeting will be followed by English only.

A group of co-workers communicating in English

If you still want to get some more knowledge of English grammar and rules, you can also attend classes in Ireland. There are a bunch of them of different levels, and the lessons can be specially prepared for your level. If you are interested, you can contact us for good recommendations. We surely know Language schools with a fantastic international atmosphere and friendly learning environment.

Work in Ireland and Get a Valuable Experience

Even though you are not planning on staying in Ireland, it is not a reason to not work there temporarily.  First of all, you will get an enjoyable experience in an international company, acquire new skills, learn a language, adapt to new environment, and become more confident in your skills and abilities. Having experience abroad is a valuable thing to have on your CV. The majority of employers know that the person who pursues something more and gets out of his\her comfort zone has more chances to have an outstanding performance at a job. Therefore, if you were abroad and had an experience in an international company, you are relatively more broad-minded, open to changes, and willing to overtake responsibilities than other employers.

A man working in his modern work-space provided by the Irish company he works at

Of course, it does depend on the person, but the fact stays the same: people with abroad experience stand out among others with their positive and open-minded attitude.

Enjoying Ireland To The Fullest

Ireland has so much to explore! Its culture, people, and traditions are unique. That is why it is essential to spend there a reasonable amount of time to explore the country to the fullest! If you are coming to Ireland for a seasonal job only, you will have a chance to backpack and observe amazing landscapes. I(f you have got yourself a summer job in Ireland, you can count yourself lucky! Irish people celebrate different holidays in which you can be involved entirely and which you will sincerely enjoy. Locals will gladly tell you about the traditions and will appreciate your interest in their country’s character. Becoming friends with locals, you will have a great chance to share experience, beliefs,  and perspectives, or just to meet at the bar for beers after a long working day.

Be sure you taste Irish traditional dishes and drinks; you may miss those treats when you are back home.

ireland magnificient nature

It would be a big mistake if we did not mention the pure beauty of Ireland. Seriously, it can be the only reason to get a job in Ireland. “You can see beautiful scenery almost everywhere you go”, says one of our interns. There are many high cliffs and green areas, which will please your eyes every day!

If you want to work abroad in Ireland or you are looking for an internship, feel free to contact us!

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