Before thinking of internships in Ireland, certain things should be considered. The fact that you are going to live in a country that differs from yours means that you should think through the whole process of getting documents for a legal stay, applying for either unpaid or paid international internships, finding the place to live, and many other details. Being an student consultant, Bunguo Team would like to give you some pieces of advice, or namely, the aspects you should pay a special attention to before having internship in Ireland.

Get To Know About  Documents For Legal Stay

First things first, the most important aspect you should care about is visa. Of course, this depends on what country you are from. There are certain countries where visa is not required and just your passport is fine for traveling to Ireland; yet, for others visa is a required document to cross the borders of Ireland.


ireland visa requirements

If you do not know what your situation is, you can ask your question to us.  Bunguo specialists would be happy to help you; in addition, the questions of other users may be useful for you too!

Decide on Specialization

Before having internship in Ireland, you should definitely decide for yourself which specialization you would like to work in. It would be really pity if you spent several month working on the tasks you do not like and having experience you would want to forget as soon as you got home. Having international internship should be enjoyable!

Overseas Marketing Internships

If you are really into marketing and public relationships, you should think of marketing internship, which will help you to improve your skills in this area, keep on track with innovations in marketing field, and even build a career. You can get a chance to be a part of the team where new products are developed, advertisements are created, and PR campaigns are discussed. 

International Business Internships

Most of the students continue their career path in the specialization, which matches their major in university they have graduated.

As Ireland is a country where global companies have their headquarters, the world of business is waiting for you! This is a great chance to apply your knowledge in real business situations. If you are looking for a paid internship abroad, Ireland may be a good choice to make because the employees in this country are appreciated.

Psychology Internships Abroad

Consequently, if you have a psychology major, you should think of the placement where your theoretical knowledge can be applied. Also consider social work internship; this is a good way to get experience and help people.

Yet, some students love to challenge themselves and in order to broaden their worldview,  they apply for internships they have no experience or even basic knowledge in. As Bunguo contacts only companies who would like to give a great internship experience to internationals instead basic printer work, it is not a big problem for a student to try themselves in something new. They do get a chance to learn things and coworkers are eager to help them.

ireland internship abroad

Therefore, it is up to you what kind of specialization you want to be in. It is important to remember that either experience is valuable as it will take place in international company among specialists and will be based on facing real business situations interns will need to deal with.

Find A Placement

Before looking for a hosting company where you want to have an internship, make sure this is the place which fulfills your expectations. Ask yourself such questions as:

  1. Is this company a part of something I want to be a part of?
  2. What is the organizational culture of this company? (Individualistic? Collectivistic?Are people friendly and helpful? Are they open to new ideas?
  3. Is it a place where I would grow both professionally and personally?
  4. Will I have an opportunity to build contacts?
  5. Does it provide good benefits?
  6. Is a period of internship fine for me?
  7. Are the responsibilities the ones I would like to fulfill?

ireland workplace environment for students

These questions will help you to figure out whether the company is the one you that suits your needs and expectations.

Looking for internship? Contact Bunguo!

Think Of Accommodation In Advance

If you think that it is a great idea to come to Ireland, stay a couple of days in a hotel or hostel, then you are wrong!

It does take a lot of time to find a nice and affordable place to stay. The thing is that apartment hunting may be online and when you could do it at home in your cozy room, you would spend lots of money on staying in expensive hotel room. Many students try to look for apartment in Facebook groups and communities; you may have a great chance to find another person with whom you could share the flat or room and it would be cheaper! Yet, remember that there are a lot of scammers online hunting for internationals like you; they offer great apartments for low prices, of course.

Here is a list of steps how to find a good place:

  1. Go through the offer thoroughly (Check if the location of the flat does exist in google maps, ask detailed questions about the place, ask for additional photos of the place, if you will have roommates, ask for their contacts and communicate with them about the place and the landlord).
  2. If it is too cheap- just pass by the offer. (Look for realistic prices of specific apartments in specific certain districts in the city).
  3. Do not pay money for seeing the apartment! This just does not make any sense!
  4. Do not pay rent upfront without seeing an apartment (You can stay for 1 day at hotel, check the room/flat, decide on the deposit & rent payment & period and only then pay the rent).
  5. If you are still hesitating on looking for a place to live yourself, contact Bunguo and we will be happy to help you to find your new home for next several months 🙂

Plan Your Budget

Ireland is considered to be a little bit more expensive for internationals. That is why it is a good idea to check whether you can handle the expenses you will have there.

Get to know how much everything costs in Ireland! Therefore, think of how much money you spend on food, transport, entertainment, rent, and health monthly. Compare both values and think whether you can make it last. If yes, good for you.

pack your luggage before coming to ireland

Remember Of Cultural Differences

We believe that it is important to respect and follow the manners and rules of the country an international is traveling to or is going to live in. Ireland does not have such strict rules to follow; yet, there are some things Irish people believe to be important to do.

  1. Handshakes are a nice gesture upon meeting a person, either it is a new person, friend, or family. Therefore, make sure you give nice handshake with eye contact to people you meet there.
  2. Being out with locals in a bar or a  pub  you will notice such thing as a “round”. Every person is expected to buy a round (a drink) to each person once. If you turn down the drink, sometimes it may be insulting for others. Drinking the round somebody else bought for you and then not buying one for others is also rude.
  3. If someone invites you for a drink at home, usually it is polite to bring a small gift. Something like chocolate or bottle of wine is greatly appreciated.

Seems like these are not rules but just manners, right?

Pack Smart!

Think of the stuff you may need in Ireland:

  1. What kind of clothes is welcomed in the company I will have internship in?
  2. What is the weather like in Ireland?
  3. Will I have any dishes/pillows/blankets at my new place in Ireland?
  4. What are the things I need but cannot find in Ireland? (medicine/cosmetics)
  5. What can I buy in Ireland so I would not repack my bags?

cost of internship in ireland

We hope that this article helps you to nicely plan your trip to Ireland! Have best of time during your Internship!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contacts us as we can make for you the process of getting to Ireland easier! 

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