Ireland’s Language Schools

Ireland will be the only English-speaking country in the EU after Brexit, and it has a rich English-language literature tradition. As such, it is a natural – and relatively affordable – choice for international students wanting to learn or improve their English-language proficiency.

Students have many opportunities to practise English outside of the classroom, and the Irish are known worldwide for their friendliness, not to mention their open-mindedness and progressive attitudes. Ireland is a small, beautiful country with a scenic landscape that is easy to explore. More Details…

Summer Camps 

Junior Programmes

Ireland is one of the world’s top destinations for Junior Programmes for children and teenagers under the age of 17 – and summer camps are extremely popular, especially for families across the EU. These short-term camps – running for periods from one week to four weeks – are plentiful, offered through stand-alone businesses and universities and schools alike. Many well-established language schools utilise university and college campuses which are unoccupied in the summer months, giving juniors and young adults a glimpse of campus and college life. More Details…

Adult Programmes

Summer camps are no longer just for kids! Adult summer camps are increasingly popular in Ireland. Again, these can be English + an activity or oriented exclusively around English or an activity. More Details…

Ireland’s Universities

Ireland’s 7 universities are all ranked within the top 3% of universities worldwide, and host thousands of international students from all over the globe. Their qualifications are aligned with the Bologna Framework, which means that international students graduating from Irish universities can use their qualifications to easily apply for a job or a course in other European countries.

International students have the unique advantage of having many huge multinational companies situated in Ireland. These companies regularly offer internship opportunities to international students and chances at permanent employment upon graduation if students stay in Ireland on the Third Level Graduate Scheme.

The International Student Barometer has found that international students rate Irish universities above the global average in terms of satisfaction – 91% rated Irish universities highly in this regard.