“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” (Andre Gide). Here are 9 reasons to do an internship abroad!

How many of you have dreamed about internship abroad? You are scrolling through your friends’ newsfeed, see them discovering new countries, and a part of you is wondering what made them leave their country and go for an adventure. You wish you can go to but you still have some doubts about it. Well, we got some inspiration for you here.

Get Professional Experience

      First of all, going for an internship you expect to actually get some experience in your field. It does not matter whether your major is management, finances, accounting, or science, having an internship abroad is a priceless experience! You can get a touch with new programs and tools the company is using for getting things done, which may be useful for your future career. Companies who are looking for specialists always welcome people with new ideas and vision! This is the moment when your internship experience may bring benefit to your job.
      Second of all, it is also important to remember that you are sharing a workplace with other people. When some people try to focus on such negative aspects as long office hours, a big number of team projects, and endless presentations, others already take advantage of communication with locals.

Meeting and working with new people more and more also helps a person to understand others more and adapt to new members of the company’s community. Communicating with your workmates, it is important to remember that each of them possesses many professional skills they can share with you! Therefore, going for a lunch for a discussion about best program to do a presentation in is not a that bad idea. Being open to others’ opinions and perspectives will help you to broaden your mind.

Experience New Culture

We are not going to lie to you because this may be the best reason to go internship abroad. If you still think that international internships are all about payment and travelling, then… well you are partially right. Usually, it is hard to find paid international internships; yet, if you got to do that you one lucky intern!

experience culture ireland

Anyway, being paid for an internship or even having enough money can help you experience a new culture in a foreign country completely. Tasting delicious food, visiting different galleries, museums and theatres, going for national dance and traditional food classes can significantly enrich your new cultural experience. If you think that hanging out in the office with locals can be boring and tiring, you are definitely wrong! Just be open to new beliefs, hobbies, and kinds of free time spending and you should be good when getting along with others. It is all about experiencing something new!

Travel Great Destinations

Thinking of internship abroad, many internationals perceive it as a trip to one specific place and being stuck there until the end of the internship. Wrong! When going to another country, you automatically get an opportunity to explore the nearest cities in the country or if the destination is great for flights, you can seize the best travel deals and get to any other part of the world!

Summer internships abroad promise to be the best ones, as travelling when it is warm and sunny is more than satisfying. Yet, students also like to go for more than 4 months internships in order to spend both warm and cold seasons in the destination country and enjoy different weather and kinds of activities during it.

Accept A Challenge

What do you feel when you think of comfortable couch, Nutella sandwich, delicious drink, and favourite tv series? Sounds great, ha? Well, try to combine those things in one evening and there will be no way you can get out of your home. This is a comfort zone alert!

abroad internship challanges

If the previously said things relate to you, then you really need to get some fresh air, and by fresh air, we mean a taste of adventure. When deciding to go abroad for acouple of months, the feeling of handling all the responsibilities and daily things on your own quickly gives you a sense of independence and empowerment.

Learn Foreign Language

If you put yourself in the environment where locals are encouraging you to speak with them their language, the learning process becomes much faster and much more efficient. You feel excited to share with your new friends what you have learned and they are willing to help you any time you need with grammar, pronunciation, or any complex questions why you should use either one or another word.

In addition, as all groceries, traffic signs, and any other text messages on the streets are in a foreign language you will not even notice how fast you process the information and remember new words. This is a success.

Create International Network

Well, this is just a smart synonym to make international friends. In 21 century, travelling can be a part of your career; therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to have a great network of professionals/friends around the world? It is not only about communicating with those people about your industry but also connecting each other with the best opportunities.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

         When employing a person, supervisors are usually looking for the one whose resume stands out among others. Internship abroad means not only a work experience in an international company but also intercultural competence, adaptability, international network, foreign language, desire to develop and improve both professionally and personally, confidence, initiative, and sense of global perspective and understanding!

internship makes your resume stand out
         It is proven that students who have participated in Exchange programs or had an internship abroad stand out among those who like to stick to their comfort zones. People with international perspective are usually more initiative, creative, and broadminded. That is a fact and you cannot deny it!

Rediscover Yourself

Just as any other thing in this world, every person has a story behind one’s personality. The international internship can be a part of your story, the period where you rediscovered yourself, or even changed your beliefs. In order to tell your unique story, you, first of all, need to invest in self-discovery. You need to know yourself what kind of person you are in different environment and circumstances. Experience abroad is what you need for having a glimpse of that; this is the moment when you rediscover yourself, your beliefs, and values.

Have Fun

  • Priceless funny moments with locals
  • Crazy evenings and nights out with new friends
  • Interesting trips around the country and even further

What can be better?

Bunguo hopes that your internship will give you an opportunity to experience all of that! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment below!

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